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Reflexology Services

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Reflexology Treatment - 1/2 Hour ($40)

Includes 15 minutes on each foot, and finish with a foot massage.

Reflexology Treatment - 1 Hour ($60)

Includes 30 minutes on each foot, and finish with a foot massage.

SPA Reflexology Treatment ($90)

   Foot soak, 30 minute reflexology treatment on both feet,
finishing with a foot and lower leg massage.

Mobile Reflexology Treatment - 1 Hour ($70)

Relexology Home Visits available in the comfort of your own home! Consists of a 1 hour treatment of 30 minutes on each foot, and finish with a foot massage.

Gift Certificates are available for each service.

Also available as a Gift Bag which includes a gift certificate of your choice, foot soak and chocolates.

Christmas Bags now available!

Disclaimer: A Reflexology Therapist does not diagnose, prescribe or treat for specific conditions and abides by a professional code of ethics and conduct.
Reflexology is not a replacement for medical care but rather is meant to complement your healthy lifestyle.

Health Products

I also use doTerra Essential Oils with my reflexology treatments. The essential oils are 100% pure and safe to apply to the skin.

Essential oils are a natural way to assist with your health. When they are applied to the feet they can help assist a specific body part or organ when following reflexology and the the body is mapped on the feet.


Products from doTerra Essential Oils

Essential Oils are made from all-natural sources found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be used as an aromatic, internally via consumption, or applied topically. They come in various types such as Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, etc. Along with using the essential oils as part of a reflexology treatment, they can also be used for the following:

• Respiratory function
• Restful sleep
• Massage
• Skin imperfections
• Cleanse and purify your home